SIP/2.0 480 Temporarily Unavailable when calling Office365 Exchange UM subscriber number


You get the following error when trying to call the UM subscriber number that is hosted on the Office365 cloud from Lync:

30AC:28B8 INFO :: Data Received - XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:5061 (To Local Address: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:55028) 787 bytes:
10/02/2011|11:07:52.172 30AC:28B8 INFO :: SIP/2.0 480 Temporarily Unavailable
Authentication-Info: TLS-DSK qop="auth", opaque="9A4B740C", srand="C2C60276", snum="123", rspauth="c0d150842b1d8ccbbeca0eeb16101bfecf3018ba", targetname="lync.domain.local", realm="SIP Communications Service", version=4
Via: SIP/2.0/TLS XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:55028;ms-received-port=55028;ms-received-cid=12CCA500
From: "user"<sip:user@domain.local>;tag=cc0005ea1c;epid=defc5c2348
To: <sip:+9723XXXXXXX@domain.local;user=phone>;tag=8CF59BC6E2DD6E6F1560A0F39C0F69AD
Call-ID: 590db0edbb114d50964f93ad05cabadd
ms-diagnostics: 15030;reason="Failed to route to Exchange Server";source="lync.domain.local";dialplan="";appName="ExumRouting"
Server: ExumRouting/
Content-Length: 0


1. Review and make sure you configured everything correctly.
2. Connect to the Office365 Cloud powershell and verify with the "Get-AcceptedDomain" command the domain you use is listed as "Authoritative".. if it isn't (i.e. it's set as "InternalRelay"), use the following command to fix it: set-AcceptedDomain -id -DomainType Authoritative

Affected software:

Microsoft Exchange 2010
Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP1
Microsoft Lync Server 2010
Office 365 RTM

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