Sound isn't working on a Windows 2003 Virtual Machine


Sound isn't working when connecting with Remote Desktop to a Windows 2003 Virtual Machine (VM) running on Hyper-V.


1. Go to Administrative Tools --> Services
2. Make sure the "Windows Audio" startup type is set to "Automatic" (and not "Disabled") and that it is started. You can do it with the commands: sc config AudioSrv start= auto and net start AudioSrv
3. Go to Administrative Tools --> Terminal Services Configuration
4. Go to Terminal Services Configuration --> Connections
5. Right click on "RDP-Tcp" --> Properties
6. Go to the "Client Settings" tab and uncheck "Audio mapping" on the "Disable the following" section.

If it's still not working, do the following on the system you're trying to connect from:
1) Run Remote Desktop (mstsc)
2) Go to the "Local Resources" tab --> More
3) Check "Supported Plug and Play devices"

Affected software:

Hyper-V 6.0.6001.17101 (Beta that was included in Windows 2008 RTM)
Hyper-V 6.0.6001.18004 (RC0)
Hyper-V 6.0.6001.18010 (RC1)
Hyper-V 6.0.6001.18016 (RTM)
Microsoft Windows 2003

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