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Users can't add and remove members from the distribution lists they manage on Exchange 2010 20/11/2009 View | Save As PDF
Cannot sync iPhone with Exchange ActiveSync 11/06/2012 View | Save As PDF
Object is read only because it was created by a future version of Exchange: 0.10 ( error 02/05/2010 View | Save As PDF
Active Directory operation failed on... Insufficient access rights to perform the operation 27/08/2010 View | Save As PDF
The queue in 'Mailbox Database ' database already contains a move request for 'username' 27/08/2010 View | Save As PDF
"MapiExceptionMailboxDisabled: Unable to open message store" error 15/07/2011 View | Save As PDF
AddClusterNode() (MaxPercentage=100) failed with 0x5b4 31/07/2011 View | Save As PDF
SIP/2.0 480 Temporarily Unavailable when calling Office365 Exchange UM subscriber number 17/10/2011 View | Save As PDF
The UM mailbox policy assigned to the mailbox in the source forest couldn't be mapped... 17/10/2011 View | Save As PDF
After a failed move request, the mailbox is still marked is being moved and cannot be removed again 01/03/2012 View | Save As PDF
"You don't have sufficient permissions" error when trying to delete a distribution group 02/02/2012 View | Save As PDF